Monday, 19 March 2012

Reallusion debuts iClone 5 which includes support for the Kinect

Monday 19th March 2012.
Reallusion, the company behind great titles such as iClone and CrazyTalk have released the next installment in the iClone series; iClone 5.

Reallusion's iClone product has been used by many to create virtual 3D world animations used in home and YouTube videos. It offers great power and flexibility to allow the creator to build the world; adding lots of prop elements; then add the actor which could include a scanned image of a real actor. Then create the 3D animation using scripts for actions or do in real time recording.

iClone 5 builds on this already great foundation which includes improvements in physics and interaction with the 3D world. In addition support is now added for the Microsoft(c) kinect with Mocap. An actor can be filmed using the Kinect to pick up movements and actions; also allowing interaction within the 3D world.

iClone 5 plus addition of Kinect support makes this the 3D animation software to use when creating a 3D animation video. for more information go check out Reallusion's website.

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