Thursday, 1 November 2012

How to design a logo - a beginners course

I've had the opportunity to review a course this week on how to design a logo, Now, this isn't a course where you just get showed how to create one in Illustrator, its a course where you get taught the tools to use to how to think up, sketch and then create the logo. There is also a link there where the first 50 people get the course for 50% off.. Go check out the video attached for details.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Genesis Framework for Wordpress review

Genesis Framework is a great framework for Wordpress. Hmm, I do explain it a little better in the video :)  Basically this video talks about Genesis showing you what can be done with the framework and a theme (this website being the example). Please do check it out and comment.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reviewing the Wordpress Genesis Framework and Eleven40 theme

For those that don't know, Genesis is a Framework by Studiopress with a default theme you plug into Wordpress. Its not free, you have to buy it, but unlike free themes and many premium; because its a framework you have lots of options.

With click of a button you can change your screen to have header and content, just content, header, 1 sidebar and content, header and 2 sidebars and content, etc... You get the idea, you can change your layout to a number of configuration. But it doesn't stop there. Genesis also contains an SEO element; it allows a number of places to place widgets and all this from the GUI; no code required.

Add a little CSS to place items more precise and you soon have a very professional looking webpage. In my testing; in 1 hours I went from a drap site to a quite semi-pro looking site; check out for an example.

Also; keep your eyes peeled for up and coming review if interested.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How good is the Adobe Cloud - My Review of my usage of the cloud

For some time I wanted to have the latest Adobe After Effects (I had CS3) and wanted to use Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. But like many non-students I couldn't afford the 2500 pound notes they they were asking so I looked and thought of the possibilities..

Then came the Adobe Cloud. For those that may not know what it is (is there anyone); Adobe decided to put most/all of their software offering onto a cloud system and charge a monthly amount to access all of this software. So for one monthly charge you can get Premiere, AE, Photoshop and all the rest of the great software.

I found this VERY appealing.. Especially seeing I could get a special 12 months rate as I have AE CS3. So for 27GBP  (this computer has no pound sign) a month for 12 months I can access software, and if calculate up its like 324GBP (here or there as couple bits of change in fee too) which is less that the Master collection. And you get a couple of extras in the Cloud not on the DVD's. Ok for standard subscription its about 20 pound more a month but.. as you can see on my blog for August Adobe are doing the special rate deal which works out to about the same as I pay.. Bargain..

So, after that long build up.. what do I think. Well, I sold my copy of Vegas Pro and Final Cut Studio 3 as I seem to only use Premiere Pro now. You can even have an install on your PC and again on your Mac... You get 2 license installs of each software I believe. AE and Premiere plug nicely together too; integrating your video creation.. Dreamweaver is fantastic; doing some online development for a project I am working on. Photoshop; well; lets say I removed some stuff from my holiday photos..

All in all the software is fantastic. Installation from the Cloud is by a software manager that also notifies you as soon as updates are available. Its just one click and it downloads and installs. The best bit though is that more software is coming to cloud and you can access right away. Lightroom recently came onto the cloud; I now have that.. All in all there are like 16 or 17 applications.. 

You do need to have internet access to run software though as it does check you have a valid cloud subscription when running each software. I had my internet go down once and could not run the software - this certainly is a bad thing if wanting to edit a video or webpage while on the train; unlike if bought DVD version; but its a price to pay to get access.

All in all I think you can pay for around 4-5 years of cloud access for the cost of the Master Collection? OK, so you never own anything at the end of it unlike if buy the DVD. But unlike the DVD the cloud offers updates to newer versions too in the cost from what I am led to believe. So when CS7 comes out you get access without paying a upgrade cost like the DVD versions.

All in all I am loving it for my current monthly subscription. Will I continue it when it goes up in price? I don't know.. But for 12 months at this bargain rate, if you want to get access to After Effects or Premier Pro then you could take up the August only offer and give it a try.. If after August; still go check them out as it still maybe worth it for you...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mac Malware alert comes out day Mountain Lion released

Timing is never the greatest when a new malware is reported around the time you release a new version of your OS. Especially when its for Apple Mac's where many people buy thinking they are safe from such attacks.

We have attached a link to this story for you to view and avoid if you find this attack happen to you :

Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Cyberlink product reviews by TechnologistPR

Recently our team have had the opportunity to work with Cyberlinks and review some of their new products.

Our team have taken a look at Cyberlinks PowerDVD 12 and PowerDirector 10 and have created some review videos to show  you current feature set and give examples of current functionality. They still have a few more products to review for you but for now here are links to our reviews of PowerDirector 10 and  PowerDVD 12.

PowerDVD 12 

PowerDirector 10 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl and Tapes V4

19th June 2012

 MAGIX have recently released the latest version of their Rescue You Vinyl & Tapes product. This software is designed to allow you to convert your music from older tapes and vinyl formats, clean them up using the software and then save them to the media of your choice.

The process is simple and easy and does not take any technical know how to do. Simply plug in your record deck or tape recorder into the hardware provided, load software and click record.

We at TechnologistPR are currently reviewing this product so look out for future updtes. The features provided with this new version are:

  • NEW! Turbo Tape: record and restore tape recordings with ease using high speed dubbing.
  • NEW! More than 60 new presets for quick and effective sound optimization.
  • NEW! Master reverb effect: add reverb or echo effects to the entire track.
  • NEW! Media-X-change: direct file “Sharing” with other MAGIX programs. Transfer edited recordings, e.g to MAGIX MP3 deluxe, without intermediate steps.
  • IMPROVED! Automatic Cleaning wizard: now more goal-orientated and easier to use.
  • IMPROVED! Step-by-step wizards: for perfect sound cleaning and mastering.
Price & Availability:
MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl and Tapes Version 4 is available now for SRP £59.99 inc VAT from Amazon, PC World and Currys and other stockists of high quality software.


ProDAD release Heroglyph V4 PRO titler product

19th June 2012

ProDAD have released the latest update of their Heroglyth product V4. This new version offers a new user interface that simplifies workflow compared with many other video titling products and all the product changes are done on the fly in real time with full resolution previews.

Heroglyth V4 PRO can be used to create Title and Trailers, Travel Routes, Slideshows, Animated Handscripts and Video Walls. Each of these is easily created using wizards provided in the product making creation of things like video titles, lower thirds and travel route animations to name just a few.

We here at TechnologistPr recently did a review of this product.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Adobe Cloud for CS6 is now live

11th May 2012

The new Adobe Cloud became live on 11th May 2012 offering the full current range of CS6 products. Adobe has approached the market offering this new service of delivery of their new product range. Buyers can still purchase the CS6 range of software on DVD as before; however the cloud offers a very cost effect delivery cost and format; also allowing for any updates or new versions to be delivered within the monthly cost.

For more details please visit Adobe's website.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Flux 4 - One step closer to being the DreamWeaver killer

London, UK. 11th April 2012
Flux 4 is the latest release of the Flux website development tool from TheEscaper. Flux has been one of those best kept secrets of the Apple Mac for sometime now; highly regarded as one of the best web development products on the Apple Mac with some reviewers claiming it to be the DreamWeaver killer.

Version 4 of Flux has seen some new functionality; which has moved it one step closer to being that DreamWeaver killer product of claims.

Flux 4 contains the following new functionality as taken from the Flux 4 product website :
  • Embedded Inspector - Do everything from a single window.
  • FreeCode - FreeCode allows you to code however you want, but still allows you to make changes visually.
  • All New FTP - FTP and SFTP completly re-written, rock solid and dependable.
  • Gradients - A graphical CSS gradient editor makes this complex area simple, and you can easily export the gradients as images for backwards compatibility.
  • Image Maps - Full support for MAP and AREA tags, complex poylgons can be easily manipulated.
  • AutoComplete - AutoComplete knows your code, completing tags, colors, even image paths.
 For more information on Flux 4 please visit the product website :

Friday, 13 April 2012

First Raspberry Pi's to be delivered

UK, 13th April 2012
The first batch of the Raspberry Pi's computers are to be issued to buyers. The cheap bare bones tiny computer is finally; after production issues; to be sent out to early buyers of the system.

Those eager fans that were first to order; it has been reported that they should receive their Raspberry Pi by 20th April. This first production batch has been delayed twice now; firstly due to a wrong component being soldered to the circuits and second time over confusion about electromagnetic testing.

With these first batch of Raspberry Pi's about to go out; hopefully they will be able to start selling to the public again soon.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

NewBlueFX has announced the release at NAB 2012 of their Titler Pro for Mac NLEs

LA JOLLA, CA, April 9, 2012
The video effects company NewBlueFX has announced the release of their acclaimed Titler Pro product that will be compatible with Mac and Mac Non-Linear Editor programs including Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X.

With this release Titler Pro will be one of only a few plug-in solutions available for the Final Cut Pro products on the Mac.

As of 16th April Titler Pro will be be available for the following Mac and Windows based NLEs :
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/CS5
  • Sony Vegas Pro 10/11
  • Avid Media Composer 5/6
  • Grass Valley EDIUS 6

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Link-Assistant competition, win one of two licenses for their SEO PowerSuite tools

4th April 2012 have provided two  licenses of their SEO PowerSuite as prizes in a competition running until Friday 13th April 2012.

SEO PowerSuite is a collection of four tools :
Rank Tracker 
With Rank Tracker a website owner can quickly and easily check hundreds of critical search engines to see how their website is positioned in search results for each keyword that is important to the website. This ranking can be monitored over time using the reports and graphs showing which keywords and phrases have proved best for site recognision. 

Website Auditor
Website Auditor allows a website owner to quickly check for any problems or issues with their site that could visitors to your site to bounce back out again. With Website Auditor you can have an optimized and error free site giving the best user satisfaction. With user satisfaction and a better user flow you will get more user returns to a website.

SEO SpyGlass
SEO SpyGlass will give a webmaster answers for those critical questions they want to ask. Where did my competitor get their high ranking links from and where can they get them? What anchor text should they use to outrank in their niche? How many links will it take to propel their site to the top of the search results?

SEO SpyGlass aids in finding the best backlinks and finding out what backlinks your competitor is using to gain their place in the search engine rankins.

Link Assistant 
Backlinks are an important part of ranking high in search engine results. Backlinks on great link partners can propel you to the top. Link Assistant takes all the hassel out of finding link partners for a site and managing those link partners on the website.

If you want to get hold of a license then follow this link to the competition : SEO PowerSuite Competition

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Studiologic are to release their first fully fledged Synth

From NAMM 2012

Studiologic are to release their first fully fledged Synth. Know for making great controllers, they have partnered with Waldorf for a monster Virtual Analog device; which is to include wavetables from the PPG of old. The layout is a logical flow and anyone that has tinkered with old style analog synthesis will get to grips with this synth fast.

You can use 3 oscillators and a noise generator which are fed into multimode filters with 12/24db/octave, 2 lfo's plus the wheel lfo and 2 FX.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

NewBlueFX offers free 14 day trial of GPU bundles to the public and filmmakers

21st March 2012, LA Jolla, CA. 
NewBlueFX are currently offering a free 14 day trials of their new GPU effects bundles.Benchmarked at 6x faster these new effects offer all the functionality of the NewBlueFX effects with increase speed allowing greater productivity. 

These effects are currently compatible with a number of video editing suites on both the PC and Apple Mac including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas and are used by some of the leading event filmmakers.  

Free trial available here

Monday, 19 March 2012

Reallusion debuts iClone 5 which includes support for the Kinect

Monday 19th March 2012.
Reallusion, the company behind great titles such as iClone and CrazyTalk have released the next installment in the iClone series; iClone 5.

Reallusion's iClone product has been used by many to create virtual 3D world animations used in home and YouTube videos. It offers great power and flexibility to allow the creator to build the world; adding lots of prop elements; then add the actor which could include a scanned image of a real actor. Then create the 3D animation using scripts for actions or do in real time recording.

iClone 5 builds on this already great foundation which includes improvements in physics and interaction with the 3D world. In addition support is now added for the Microsoft(c) kinect with Mocap. An actor can be filmed using the Kinect to pick up movements and actions; also allowing interaction within the 3D world.

iClone 5 plus addition of Kinect support makes this the 3D animation software to use when creating a 3D animation video. for more information go check out Reallusion's website.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

View your home security cameras from your mobile phone with SwannView

Ever wanted to see the video feed from your home or business security cameras while on the go. Do you own a Smartphone? With Swann security systems you can use the new SwannView to view Live DVR viewing on your Smartphone.

SwannView was designed to allow owners of the compatible Swann DVR systems to monitor their security cameras while on the go. It gives owners of these systems more control over their security and allows for a full usage of their security system.

To find out more about SwannView please click on the following link

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mariner products WinJournal, Paperless, Desktop Poet and Contour available in the UK

Mariner products hit the UK in partnership with BinaryDistribution.

Aylesbury, UK, February 23rd 2012; The software publishing house BinaryDistribution has agreed a parthership with Mariner Software to be the exclusive UK retail publisher for the Windows products WinJournal, Paperless, Desktop Poet and Contour.

BinaryDistribution will be working with Mariner to represent and enhance the Mariner brand in the UK Market and developing new venue streams.Currently these 4 first Mariner products will be available for purchase from Amazon as a boxed version and as a download version.

One of Technologist PR reviewers has reviewed these for products and will make available a video review showing these products in action.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Autodesk offering 0% finance deals in their limited time deal offering

Monday 5th March 2012.
Autodesk are currently many customers a limited time special 0% finance deal on their design product suites. This deal is running till April 13th, 2012.

The following extract is from Autodesks website :

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Promotions from Autodesk

It’s a competitive world out there. To stay competitive, you need powerful tools that make your job more efficient. You need software that can help you deliver more for your clients. All at an exceptional value. Now is the time to accelerate your productivity and stay ahead of the competition. Purchase an Autodesk suite or other Autodesk software by April 13, 2012, and you can take advantage of special 0% financing.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Could the new iPad3 been in short demand on release?

​Friday, 2nd March 2012

​Could the new iPad3 been in short demand on release?
The question of availability of the iPad3's 2048x1536 is currently under question. Will the display be available in the volumes that Apple typically need? This is reported as possibly one concern that may effect the the quantity on first release of the iPad3.

Currently it is reported that "Samsung is having some difficulty supplying the panels and there's a short delay", a source told CNET. However, currently this all comes from the speculation that Apple will be announcing the iPad3 on the 7th and that the ship date might come later.

Any display shortages could widen the delay between the announcement of the product and any actual release date. Historically Apple puts new products on sales within days or weeks of being announced. Buyers are generally put on wait lists where there is a backlog of outstanding orders and this has been the case with the release of both the iPad and iPad2.

Apple may choose to use other display suppliers to get round any shortage that Samsung may have; with rumors of both LG Display and Sharp being other suppliers.

Will you be buying an iPad3 on release?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Raspberry Pi computer released

The much anticipated and awaited Raspberry Pi low cost computer  has been released here in the UK.
Such was the demand for the Raspberry Pi that the websites of the suppliers have crashed due to the heavy workload. Currently static pages are in place where you can register interest in purchasing.

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost fully functional computer; there are two models A and B with costing of around $25 and $35 respectively. Model B; the first to be released; boasts a 700Mhz ARM CPU, 256Mb Ram, 2 USB ports, 10/100 Ethernet port. Onboard graphics and  Sound with outputs for HDMI and Composite RCA. There is also an onboard card slot.

For more info please goto

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NewBlueFX introduces faster rendering and real time playback with the release of their GPU-accelerated plug-ins.

NewBlueFX introduces faster rendering and real time playback with the release of their GPU-accelerated plug-ins.
La Jolla, USA - 29th February 2012.  NewBlueFX; a leader in video effect packages; have released 5 new GPU-accelerated plug-in. Using the latest technology and utilizing the GPU units used in todays computers.
Using GPU acceleration allows up to 6x faster render times than normal and users can enjoy real-time playbacks allowing editors to make editing decisions in seconds. This speeds translates into a save in time and money for editors investing in the new plug-ins.
Currently release on PC but with Mac releases planned. The plug-ins  current work with the following editing suites:
  • Sony Vegas Pro 10/11 (32/64-bit)
  • Avid Media Composer 5/6 (32/64-bit)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/5/5.5 (32/64-bit)
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11
  • Premiere Elements 10
Planned releases for future :
  • Grass Valley EDUIS
  • Avid Media Composer for Mac
  • Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
For more information please see the NewBluFX website.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Welcome to TechnologistPR

Hello and welcome to our new and exciting company TechnologistPR. TechnologistPR has been formed by Sean and Trevor because of their passion for technology having been reviewing technology products for companies for some time.

Sean has performed many different roles in Software Development; he's been a developer, tester, SCRUM Master and many other things during this time. He has a deep understanding of the software process and has a great passion for all technology. He has used these skills and knowledge and performed many independent reviews for many companies using social media forums for these product reviews. These were received well and many companies were excited and happy with the marketing potential.

Trevor has spent many years in the retail business including some time in technology retail. He has spent many years working with and using software and hardware; especially software for music and graphic production. He also has a passion for web creation and reviewing technology.

Our goal is to take your product(s) and brand and promote this to new heights; specifically in the UK but because we also use social media then this promotion will expand to outside of the UK. To do this we work in parallel with out customers along side UK journalists of all media types.

We also provide other public relations services as required including allowing companies to include us as PR contact on their websites. Every company is different, have different goals, needs. We treat each company we work with as individual and so can provide the right PR and marketing for each.