Monday, 30 April 2012

Flux 4 - One step closer to being the DreamWeaver killer

London, UK. 11th April 2012
Flux 4 is the latest release of the Flux website development tool from TheEscaper. Flux has been one of those best kept secrets of the Apple Mac for sometime now; highly regarded as one of the best web development products on the Apple Mac with some reviewers claiming it to be the DreamWeaver killer.

Version 4 of Flux has seen some new functionality; which has moved it one step closer to being that DreamWeaver killer product of claims.

Flux 4 contains the following new functionality as taken from the Flux 4 product website :
  • Embedded Inspector - Do everything from a single window.
  • FreeCode - FreeCode allows you to code however you want, but still allows you to make changes visually.
  • All New FTP - FTP and SFTP completly re-written, rock solid and dependable.
  • Gradients - A graphical CSS gradient editor makes this complex area simple, and you can easily export the gradients as images for backwards compatibility.
  • Image Maps - Full support for MAP and AREA tags, complex poylgons can be easily manipulated.
  • AutoComplete - AutoComplete knows your code, completing tags, colors, even image paths.
 For more information on Flux 4 please visit the product website :

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